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What We Offer

ManChild, LTD.

ManChild Ltd. is the maker of the Boundless Gaming System, which does not use classes or levels. It allows players to make unique Player Characters, to maneuver through the realm of EverLore accomplishing tasks, fighting monsters, establishing a homestead or following any number of other pursuits. The game is run by a Lore Master and utilizes varies sized dice during character creation, and to determine the outcome of various actions (attacks, defense, diplomacy, etc.).

Everlore Campaign Setting

Welcome to the Realm of EverLore, where characters must survive the hardship of life on Mythandria as danger lurks around every corner. Mythandria’s history is soaked in bloodshed and turmoil, often created at the hands of the dreaded Legion. It is a tale repeated throughout the march of millennia as empires fall to ruin in the wake of that chaotic storm. Yet when the storm ends and the Bringers of Dust return to Morratear, those who remain gird themselves with strength to face the road ahead. For the living must eke out life anew amid the ashes of the past.

Other Products

ManChild Ltd. seeks to create a vibrant living realm with countless stories and a myriad of campaign ideas. Below is a list of some of the accessories to help you delve more into the lore or Mythandria and the Realm of EverLore:

  • Legions, the playing card game

  • Lore Masters screen

  • Battle Wheel

  • Adventure Modules, and more

Delve deeper into the mysteries of EverLore as the valiant warriors of Wahuru battle the forces of oppression, mayhem and destruction. The weekly live-stream is available at Twitch.tv/EverLoreGame.

This Game Is For You!
The tomes below will shape your understanding of the EverLore and the BoundLess gaming system, to ensure your steps are set on the right path.

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