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EverLore in Action 
  • Upcoming Event - On Saturday, April 22, 2023, we will be supporting the Girl Scout at the Nick #449 Service Annual Craft Show at 3401 Millikin Rd, West Chester, OH 45011.

  • Board Again Game Podcast - We had a great conversation with Christopher High. Our wide-ranging conversation touched on many topics. Click Here to Listen.

Click Here to learn more about our, I Am EverLore, GoFundMe campaign.
What We Offer
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ManChild, LTD.

ManChild Ltd. is the maker of EverLore, which is a tabletop roleplaying game with lots of customization, that is not limited by classes or levels. This exciting new game is part of our BoundLess Gaming System.

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Everlore Campaign Setting

Welcome to EverLore and the world of Mythandria. The world’s history is soaked in bloodshed, often at the hands of the dreaded Legion who have laid millennia of empires to waste. Yet when the Bringers of Dust return to Morratear, those who remain gird themselves to eke out life anew amid the ashes of the past.

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