EverLore in Action
  • ORIGINS GAME FAIR 2022 - We are super excited to be attending our very first convention as vendors this June. Come support us at Booth 1255, this June 8th - 12th in Columbus, OH. Click Here to learn more.  

  • Legends of Tabletop Podcast - Check out Anthony Freson’s and David Thompson’s exciting interview with host, John Haremza on his podcast. Click Here to listen or watch.

  • Understanding the Character Sheet - One of the hardest part of any game is learning how to set up the Character Sheet. We have put together a brief video to help explain the process. Click Here to view the video.

  • Playing EverLore (A Guide for New Adventurers) - What is EverLore, and how is it played? This free resource will tell you all about it. Click Here to download.

  • Members Content Program - We're happy to announce our new Membership Subscription program, which allows fans to produce and sell their own Titles on our site. Click Here to learn more.

What We Offer
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ManChild, LTD.

ManChild Ltd. is the maker of EverLore, which is a tabletop roleplaying game with lots of customization, that is not limited by classes or levels. This exciting new game is part of our BoundLess Gaming System.

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Everlore Campaign Setting

Welcome to EverLore and the world of Mythandria. The world’s history is soaked in bloodshed, often at the hands of the dreaded Legion who have laid millennia of empires to waste. Yet when the Bringers of Dust return to Morratear, those who remain gird themselves to eke out life anew amid the ashes of the past.

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Member Content Program

Our new Member Content Program (MCP) showcases artwork from diverse authors and artists. Select members can create your own RPG content (modules, short stories, etc.), upload it to this site, and present it for sale to fellow fans.       Learn More

Delve deeper into the mysteries of EverLore by watching two very different groups of adventurers as they leave their mark upon the realm. The weekly livestreams are available at Twitch.TV/EverLoreGame & Twitch.TV/EssenceOfEverLore.

What's New In Store?
Here are some of our new items. Peruse our Store page for the perfect purchase for you.