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Sword of Justice - PDF


The citizens of Runehaven were looking forward to celebrating the upcoming harvest festival, but that was before the strange rash of mysterious deaths that now plague the city. Suspicion abounds as newcomers to the town try to locate the source of the disruption and then must determine if the perpetrator is a heinous villain, or a hero willing to do what others are too weak to attempt.


This book is the first of an eight-module story arc called the Golden City Saga. The adventure continues in Craven Cor.


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Sword of Justice - PDF

  • The Sword of Justice adventure module is designed to immerse the player characters into the world of Mythandria, and set them up with a choice to determine what is the nature of justice. It is the first module in a story arc that will see them traverse the continent of Midian as they gain more clues to broader machinations at play within the realm of EverLore.

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