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Rogue Justice - PDF


A dark force roams Darwilo’s countryside, killing with abandon, and causing much consternation amongst the city’s merchant class. Has the warlord, Zendrick, turned his eyes their way, or is the cause more sinister?

            This module is for characters of around 300 EP, who find themselves in Darwilo, when dark tidings come a-calling. This is the fourth of eight adventures in the Golden City Saga. Completing the journey will increase your understanding of the EverLore Campaign Setting and the BoundLess Gaming System. This classless and level-less system, is based on a d12, uses a point-buy method for character progression, has tons of customization, and promotes diversity and inclusion. This Game Is For You!


This is volume 4 of the Golden City Saga. Get Sword of Justice (volume 1) Here.


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Rogue Justice - PDF

  • Revenge awaits yon travelers fair, yet face the threat will you dare? For men, monsters, and fiends alike, have fallen to the Hammer’s strike. Come, for EverLore is calling.

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