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Lore Master Supreme

This bundle provides Lore Masters with everything they need to run engaging campaigns in EverLore. The included modules shed light on much of the mechanics and themes of this nascent realm.

Lore Master Supreme

$279.33 Regular Price
$234.45Sale Price
  • This bundle saves you $44.88, and includes:

    • Inception, Origins of Mythandria (Paperback)
    • Traveler's Compendium (Hardcover)
    • Thy Kingdoms Come (Hardcover)
    • Monsters Menagerie (Hardcover)
    • Chronicler’s Delight (Hardcover)
    • Sword of Justice (Paperback)
    • Craven Cor (Paperback)
    • Damsel’s Fate (Paperback)
    • Rogue Justice (Paperback)
    • Fillable Character Sheet
    • Fillable Animal Sheet
    • Wheel of Travail
    • Wheel of Woe

    NOTE: After purchase is made, an email will be sent with a coupon code to download the FREE PDF Character Sheet files.

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