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INCEPTION (Origins of Mythandria)


Explore the history of the realm and witness the struggle of the exiled gods to rise above adversity and bring life anew to the war-torn realm of EverLore.


This book is based on the EverLore Campaign Setting and the BoundLess Gaming System, developed by David Thompson, the founder of ManChild, Ltd, residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. This new system has lots of diversity and customization and is not limited by classes or levels.


Purchase Inception as a PDF.


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INCEPTION (Origins of Mythandria)

SKU: ELP0005
  • Inception (Origins of Mythandria) tells the journey of a family of Gods that are thrust from their home into the strange new realm of EverLore. Witness their struggle as they traveled along the road that would lead to the creation of Mythandria, the Jewel of the Shadow Sea.

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