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Damsel's Fate - PDF


Fire on the horizon leads to the town of Torvinalia and a quest to rescue the kidnapped Nomsey. Can the young maiden be saved in time, or will she meet the same fate as so many others that have gone before her?
    This module is for characters of around 200 EP, who will travel the Archstone Range on a mission that will pit them against man and beast and powers most foul. This is the third of eight fantasy modules in the Golden City Saga. Completing the adventures will increase your understanding of the nascent EverLore Campaign Setting and the BoundLess Gaming System. This Game Is For You!


This is volume 3 of the Golden City Saga. Get Sword of Justice (volume 1) Here.


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Damsel's Fate - PDF

  • This adventure drops the players within the Archstone Range just after marauders have left a small village in shambles. It is the third module in the Golden City Saga, and eight module campaign arch.

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