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Craven Cor (Golden City Saga, Vol 2) - PDF


For decades, rumors of the fabled Jewel of Craven Cor has drawn treasure hunters from far and wide to the hills surrounding Runehaven. While that may not have been your party's intent, recent events have forced you down ancient halls were dwarves once tread, but are now home only to the undead.


This is volume 2 of the Golden City Saga. Get Sword of Justice (Volume 1) Here.


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Craven Cor (Golden City Saga, Vol 2) - PDF

  • This adventure module furthers the players’ understanding of the realm of EverLore. This second volume of the Golden City Saga, plunges the PCs into the unterland as they navigate the halls of an ancient dwarven city, battle fiendish creatures, and unlock the mystery of the Jewel of Craven Cor.

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