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Child of Dreams


In the aftermath of a victorious battle, the mage Cavazos is given a mission from Mother Midnight, that has dire implications for Mythandria and the entire Shadow Sea. The aging gnome seeks out the aid of seasoned warriors to face the dangers that lie ahead.


Hundreds of miles away, Z’har and Niska answer the plaintiff plea of a tormented child, and leave their home within the Valley of Shale, attempting to find her before it is too late. Facing blades and prejudice, the young elf Z’har carries the weight of destiny on his shoulders, and must lean on the support of new allies to cross the expanse of the Archstone Range in search of the fabled Child of Dreams. 

Thus begins the first epic tale of fantasy, adventure and conquest within the BoundLess realm of EverLore.


This is volume 1 of the Dream War Saga. To learn more about the creation of the realm read Inception (Origins of Mythandria).


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Child of Dreams

SKU: ELP0010
  • The Child of Dreams novel follows a group of adventurers as they try to uncover the mystery behind the recent events and disturbing dreams.

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