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EverLore at CinCityCon 2022
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Kam Fam, we had a great time at #CinCityCon and met some cool people, like Rayburn Jordan Jr! He is working on a game, called Ninja Vs. Samurai. It looks sick, and had me wondering which one would really win? Check out his website and learn more at

EverLore at Craft Shows 2022
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Morrow Market

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Vendor & Craft Show Troop 725

EverLore at Origins Game Fair 2022
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Dave at Booth.jpeg
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Origins Game Fair 2022 wrapped up and it was quite a ride. We were first timers and many of the vendors around us were welcoming and encouraging. Brendan and the guys at Dead Alive Games were great. Check out their games at

This video highlights another of the great vendors at Origins Game Fair 2022. Paul Young, the owner of Pye Games, is a veteran of various conventions. On the first day, he introduced himself and gave us encouragement. He checked in a couple of times and was always open and friendly. He makes really cool dragons. Check out his products at

ManChild, Ltd's & Raised on DnD's Book Giveaway 06-09-2020

ManChild, Ltd. teamed up with Raised on DnD to provide a Facebook Live book giveaway. Winners will receive either the Traveler's Compendium, Inception, or the Sword of Justice. Big thanks to Nicholas Cardarelli, for helping get this set up. Make sure you check out the Raised on DnD Podcast to listen to more great interviews and see the list of winners from this giveaway!

Gaming Goat (Mason, Ohio) 02-01-2020
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