More of the Lore

These videos will give more understanding of the products and world of EverLore. Future videos will discuss the books, creatures, cultures and other unique elements of this innovative RPG. This Game Is For You!

EverLore's Updated Character Sheet

This video discussed our new Character Sheet. It familiarizes players with the various sections of the sheet, as well as some of the concepts related to progressing your character. A free PDF of this sheet can be downloaded Here.

EverLore Presents - The Cythlarak

In this episode we discuss the cythlarak, a race of beings created by Azimiz, one of the Hidden Ones of Mythandria. The cythlaraks are a hybrid species that combine craniak DNA with that of several other creatures.

EverLore Presents - The Oklyn

In this video, you will be introduced to the Oklyn, creatures that were created to bring imbue the world with magic and help maintain the balance of nature.

EverLore Presents - The Mouth Goblin

In this episode we discuss a race of beings that were created through the genetic manipulations of Azimiz, one of the Hidden Ones. Now loosed upon the Mythandria, these monsters have ended the ambitions of many would-be adenturers.

EverLore Presents - The Ysrp

In this Creature Creation Station video we discuss the devilish ysrp. These are creatures that your character will probably want to avoid.

Death of a Hero

In this video I have a conversation with Anthony over the death of his character, Kaliff, from our stream EverMore with EverLore. Kaliff was an important part of Wahuru and will be missed.

Understanding Grimoires

This brief video provides information on how grimoires are used in EverLore. A more detailed video, entitled Setting Up a Grimoire, can be found under the Hall of Heroes tab at It is part of our Member's Only content.

Handling Percentile Rolls

This is a quick video to go over how to understand percentile rolls. It is a topic that comes up a lot and I wanted to give a brief explanation on how it is done in EverLore and the BoundLess Gaming System. This Game Is For You!

Creation of a Halfling

In this video, I show a novice player how to complete the character sheet. This video was intended for Member's only, (as part of our upcoming subscription offerings) but several people have asked to see this process, so I am going to add this as something that everyone can learn from.   

Thy Kingdoms Come

Thy Kingdoms Come is one of the five Core books for the tabletop RPG, EverLore. This tome discusses cultures of Midian, as well as factions, alliances, trade and more.

Traveler's Compendium

The Traveler's Compendium is one of the five Core books for the tabletop RPG, EverLore. It is an essential guide for players and covers character creation, races and cultures, combat, spell mechanics and more.