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Member Content Program



What is the Member Content Programs? 
DDAC Enterprises, LLC (the parent company ManChild, Ltd.) has created a

Members Content Programs which provides a limited license for members to

create content (adventure modules, short stories, novels, factions, new creatures,

etc.) for EverLore using our intellectual property (IP) of the EverLore Campaign

setting and the BoundLess gaming system. All Member Generated Content, offered

for sale on will have the icon to the right posted on the cover.


Below are some of the benefits of our Member Content Program.

Selling on
Selling your titles on leaves you in the driver’s seat. You get to determine the content of your title, price you title, and promote it to our growing community of fans, artists and authors. By receiving 80% of the sale price, you will reap a greater return from than on most other sites. Get Started Now

Get in on the Ground Floor
ManChild, Ltd. released the tabletop RPG, EverLore in late 2019. We are working to have a presence in brick and mortar stores, conventions, and online through this website, industry podcasts, and various social media platforms. By becoming a subscription member, you have the potential to be mentioned in any of our marketing pushes, and may be able to establish yourself as a premiere Member Content Generator for EverLore.

Less Work
Okay, so you’ve taken the time and effort to create your title, upload it to our site, then activate it for sale. Now, sit back and let us take it from there. We maintain the web storefront (on and other platforms), generate a water-mark for your title, handle customer service, maintain sales records and make your royalties available to you via PayPal. 

More Profit Than Others
At you set the price for your titles, and receive 80% of what your customer pays. We currently offer the ability to upload digital copies of your title in a PDF format. 

More Creative Control
By publishing your title with ManChild, Ltd, you choose when they will go live for sale, the price of the titles, if you want them included in site-wide (or platform-wide) sales and promotions. Your title can be sold on as well as on other DDAC run platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for one of our three Subscription Plans

  2. Read and consent to this Member Content Agreement

  3. Write your content and upload it through the Member Art page, or the Member Content page

  4. Once verified, your work will become available on, and potentially on other platforms run by DDAC Enterprises, LLC. 

From the My Content section of your Account page, you can update your title as needed, and more. Members are encouraged to create an engaging cover for your titles, and to publicize their offerings on social media, as well as other media platforms to reach fans and promote sales of their work.

Click Here to get started publishing your own content. 

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