Art of EverLore


These videos and images showcase images created by David Thompson. Here's you can witness the birth of some of the many creatures of EverLore. This Game Is For You!

Riotous Ruot

Ruots are beings of the gloom, that stalk the night, seeking prey and spreading carnage everywhere they tread.

Naotna, the Water Horn

Naotnas, also called Water Horns, are hardy creatures that are able to walk on land and breathe underwater. Naotnas are a favored mount of the seafaring, Aupuni people.

Horn of the Savannah

This creature can be found in the vast grasslands and woodlands of Mythandria.

Saberhorn on the Hunt

The saberhorn creeps through the shadows, bringing a bone-crushing end to its prey. This image is created by David Thompson, inventor of EverLore, an innovative tabletop RPG that promotes diversity and inclusion. This Game Is For You!

Jatina, the Killing Blade

Based on one of my sisters and her daughter, Jatina is a Zulu warrior that is not to be trifled with. If you earn her ire, you'll soon be pleading your case before Yen-Lo, the Judge of Souls.

Akio Obbey, the Rorgn Samurai

Here stands before you, Akio Obbey a skilled rorgn samurai that hires himself out as a mercenary, but only when the cause is just. Rorgns are half dragons, born of non-dragon mothers.

Aditya, the Rising Sun

Rising out of obscurity comes a noble warrior, whose honor and valor are beyond reproach.

Creature of the Moss

What dangers lurk within the realm of EverLore? This moss covered fiend is but one of the many challenges that await those that tread upon the soil of Mythandria. Careful of that next step, as it may be you last.

It is Ritten

Keep an eye to the sky as you saunter by, for if not you might surely die. This image was inspired by one of my son's science projects. I love science, but you may not love the results if you have to fac a ritten.

Killer the Claw

This beastie be waitin for ye to slip your toe into the cold waters of EverLore, but beware, for only a stump will ye be drawin out.

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