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Our EL Brand


The below videos are inspired by the many students of mine that love to sit and watch me draw, but may not be into fantasy gaming. They have enjoyed these videos and I hope you do to. The EL is the logo used for our stream, EverLore with EverMore. Click Here to purchase from our EL clothing line.

Koala On Log

This Koala is just chilling on a log, having a nice day. I think koalas are pretty cool animals

Elephant in Skirt

This colorful little elephant lass is all about having fun. It was inspired by my cousin who is fond of elephants. Thanks for the suggestion. It was fun to draw.

A Sloth's Day

Okay, you know we all have days where we just want to relax and hang out like a sloth. Or is that just me??? Come on, tell me its not just me.

Panda in Jeans

Okay, I really like pandas, so I thought I'd draw one. This little guy turned out alright. The EL, in the Art of EL, references the logo used on our live stream, EverMore with EverLore, on Twitch.TV.

Baby Bloodhound

Here is a little bloodhound, that is just sitting there thinking, where's the leash, go get the leash, I want to go for a walk. At least, that's the way my dog always looks when she wants to go out.

Cat in a Hat

I mean, come on, this one is just so cute. I have already had a couple of people interested in having this little guy on a hoodie. I'll have that ready soon.

Funny Bunny

This little guy is looking around like, "Uh, where did everyone go?" I bet all the animals are thinking that these days.

Cute Kitten

This drawing was created for one of my students, who loves cats more than anyone else I know. I had one as a teen, but now I'm all about the dogs. The bigger, the better.

Pup in a Cup

I love dogs and I'm sure I am not the only one. Wait, didn't I just tell you guys that? Dang, if I said it twice then it must be true.

Teddy the Bear

Here's Teddy the Bear, not to be confused with Teddy the Uriah, LOL. Is that a dad joke? I think it is. Kam Fam, you'll find out more about this in one of our upcoming More of the Lore videos.

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