About ManChild LTD.

     My name is David Thompson, and I am the creator of the EverLore Campaign Setting and the BoundLess Gaming System.

       I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am a husband and father of two. For years I have worked to develop a game, inspired by the dreams I had while growing up. I wanted to create a world full of diversity, where people of all stripes can find representation. I can recall many long hours shaping rules around the dining room table, trying to avoid being splashed while sketching at various swim meets, glued to the computer completing rewrite after rewrite, and more.

       My boys grew up listening to me talking about the game and how it would be complete “one day.”  They endured endless conversations about how I want this game to celebrate diversity and to allow players the ability to

game without boundaries. And even on days when the task seemed too hard and I doubted it was possible, they always believed. One of the greatest joys of my life is that they are now old enough to help with the game. For over a year and a half they have been a part of our game testing group and have provided input on various creatures and cultures. They are now players in our weekly gaming session on this Twitch channel.

        I hope you enjoy playing EverLore, watching our adventures and learning more about the BoundLess Gaming System. Please support ManChild, Ltd. and grow with us as we one day plan to produce novels, video games and ultimately movies. Put simplyThis Game is For You!

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