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The Primary World of EverLore


Mythandria, also known as the Jewel of the Shadow Sea, lies at the very heart of the realm of EverLore. It is where your character will either rise to great heights or fall to utter ruin.
   EverLore is full of challenges for characters of every stripe. As you read the information contained within the Traveler’s Compendium you will begin to understand the many options you now face when considering your character. What path will your character choose? Will she stalk the realm with impunity, fall prey to the machinations of warring powers, come to realize the truth of the God Most High, or writhe in depravity beneath the cruel eye of the Harbingers? Such decisions and more lie before you.
   Come test your metal against the denizens of this realm and see how far your valor gets you. And as this new realm dawns, I say to you, "Let The Games Begin!"

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Content About EverLore



EverMore with EverLore - This is the first official stream of EverLore. It follows Wahuru, an adventuring group, trying to survive the tumultuous realm of EverLore. The stream airs every Thursday, from 6:50 - 9:00 PM (EST) at Twitch.TV/EverLoreGame. View the videos Here.

Essence of EverLore - This is the second official stream for EverLore. It follows a new band of warriors as they seek to leave their mark on the fantastic world of Mythandria. The stream airs every Monday, from 6:45 - 9:00 PM (EST) at Twitch.TV/EssenceofEverLore. View the videos Here.

Interviews - At ManChild, Ltd. we are always seeking ways to spread the word about our new game, EverLore. You can listen to our podcast interviews to hear about our origins and future plans. Listen to the interviews Here.

More of the Lore - These videos provide information about what makes EverLore unique. They will discuss the books, how to play, race information and more. View the videos Here.

Art of EverLore - This set of videos showcases some of the creation of some of the creatures of EverLore, by artist David Thompson. View the videos Here.

Hall of Heroes - The videos and other files provided on this page are only viewable by members that have purchased a subscription plan. They provide a behind the scenes look at what goes on at ManChild, Ltd. Enter the Hall of Heroes.

Member Artwork - The page links to artwork provided through Member Generated Content. It is always great to see the creativity that flows from the unfettered mind. Check out the artwork and let your favorite artists know what you think. This page is under construction. Please check back later.

Member Titles - The titles listed on this page are Member Generated Content. Peruse and purchase Titles from fans just like you. The bulk of the proceeds goes directly to the writer. This page is under construction. Please check back later.

Art of EL - These videos show artwork created by David Thompson, that is inspired by his students, who enjoy watching him draw. The “EL” depicted in these drawings is the logo that is used on our Twitch stream, EverMore with EverLore.  View the videos Here.

Event Highlights - This section shows images and videos from our various events, hosted in stores, schools, conventions and anywhere else that will have us. View the highlights Here.

Downloads - This page provides downloads (such as Character Sheets and maps) from our core books and modules. View downloadable content Here.